Art Pop Up Shop Tips

Last weekend I was given an awesome opportunity to be apart of a pop up shop hosted by the oh so talented Paige Morse.

This was the first time I had ever publicly displayed my work. In other words, I had NO idea what I was doing. But when Paige asks you to be apart of something you say YES.IMG_2351popup1 I kept envisioning making a collage out of my work so I was happy to find out that I would have wall space that I could hang my canvases on.  I used Command adhesive hooks to hang the canvases and frames.   The hooks worked pretty well but due to the hot weather I did have some fall down towards the evening.  But all in all I would recommend using the hooks.IMG_2440popup6

Above is the completed set up after some of my art sold during the preview the night before.  Not in love with how I priced the art (washi-tape and sharpie) but I ran out of time and that’s the best that I could do.  I hope to improve on that in the future. Please share your method for price tags and art if you have one!


I was really happy with my little e-mail sign up area, completed with business cards, pen, and Paige Morse candle.


I really wanted to have a better designed chalk info board but once again time was not there.  It did its job though. PS- Hide your ugly stuff i.e. flip flops and ugly towel in basket better. 😉


My favorite part of the pop up shop; having Emerson around to see her momma do what she loves.

Tips for selling your art at a pop up shop, festival, etc…

  1. Allow plenty of time to figure out your collage arrangement/ booth setup. I was able to set up the day before and that was great. I was able to walk in the day of the shop ready to go.
  2. Bring tons of adhesive hooks (the kind that doesn’t damage the walls) you can always take back what you don’t need. Don’t forget to bring scotch tape, scissors, masking tape.   You’re bound to need them for something.
  3. Set up an e-mail sign up sheet to keep people up-to-date on sales and new releases (newsletter).
  4. Have lots of business cards!
  5. Have a way to package your items for customers.  I brought a roll of white craft paper and tape for my larger prints (rolled them).  I brought cardboard pieces to but behind smaller prints and then wrapped with the craft paper. Then I basically wrapped my canvases as presents.
  6. Put all of your social media info somewhere for everyone to see.
  7. Use square! So easy! Just make sure you have the little adapter for your phone. I ordered mine here on amazon. $10 bucks!
  8. Bring some bottled water and gum/ mints. 😉




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