Making Closet Art a Thing

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My friend Denaye (from Crib to Table) included me in a blog post of hers that has gone viral. We’re finding out that more people 1. want to purge their clothes and organize their closets and 2. want art in their closets.

We are receiving tons of comments from women who have been inspired by the capsule wardrobe idea and want to makeover their closet.

So turn on your favorite music, clean out your closet, and share your closet photos with us on instagram using #closetart!

Your Soul Knows

Hello! I’ve had some new visitors stumble upon this little site this week and I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by!! If you’ve already been following along, thank you so so much for coming back!

quote with abstract background

Last week I felt a little lost with my creative challenge and ended up posting a pitiful picture of me with a help sign on instagram (yes, I really did that). As much as I regret the post now, I am so glad that I did it because I received some great feedback.

I’m booking up fast for commissioned paintings! E-mail me at or comment below for inquiries.

I would like to say thank you to those who e-mailed, texted, and commented on that post. It means a lot that you would even take the time out of your busy day to give me advice therapy.  I’m still figuring out exactly what I’m going to do, but I have a little bit more of a clearer vision now (more on this in my next post).

collage of paintings

What I would like to do in this post today is just give a little bit of an update about this week:

  • I found this amazing font and used it to make the prints that you see above and below.
  • Both of my paintings in my etsy shop sold!!
  • Emerson has an ear infection. I have a sinus infection. Boo.
  • I’ve been finishing up some commissioned pieces (pictured above).
  • I picked up some more painting gigs!
  • I read these two painting books; Daring Adventures in Paint and Brave Intuitive Painting. Loved them both!

quote and paint brushes

It’s been a busy week but a good week (minus the whole being sick thing). Next on my to do list, figure out a cute way to package my sold art, paint, paint, and  paint.

Glass Case of Emotion: A Creative Dilemma

If you’ve been following me on instagram you know that painting has taken over April (I should be weaving). This isn’t something I planned and I’m a little at a loss of what to do.

To be honest, I LOVE painting. I’ve always loved to paint but always pushed those feelings to the side because I thought you had to be a “real” artist to paint. I guess my former definition of an artist is someone who went to art school, learned from some wise professors/artists, and could kill art history on jeopardy.

When I selected painting as my creative area of study in January I thought I would enjoy it, be done on January 31st, and move on to the next creative area. However, after January I could not stop thinking about painting. I even had to sneak in some painting time in February and March just to help the urge.

In March I started feeling that painting would be apart of whatever business adventure I decided to launch in the next year.  But I kept on with my creative challenge and didn’t think much about it. A few weeks ago someone asked me if I would paint something for them and I said sure! I posted a picture of the painting on instagram and facebook and mentioned that it was my first commissioned piece. After that another painting request came. Then another, and now  I have 6 more commissioned pieces to work on that will keep me busy until June.

I had the expectations of carrying on with my creative challenge through the year and I did not expect to have things figured out (or figured out for me) so soon in the game.

I love painting but I also love interior design. I would love to mesh these two together. I would love to help decorate people’s homes, I would love to help style offices/ businesses, and window displays. I would also absolutely love to make and sell art.

My question is, do I give up this creative challenge and go ahead and start planning for the business I want? I was so excited for my creative challenge and thrilled that I was actually sticking to it. I would be bummed to give it up but is there a point to keep going when I know what I want? Or am I just calling things too soon?

I would love your thoughts about what I should do! PLEASE feel free to dish out some advice.

Leave me a comment or send me an email at

xoxo- ash

Craftcation 2015

I’ve been back from Craftcation for about two weeks now and my mind is still racing with so much goodness from the conference.

biz cards from craftcation

Being around so many smart and creative women has left me feeling so inspired.  I feel so lucky to have had the experience to go to this conference.  Getting to meet women that I have admired for quite some time and knowing that they are just as great in person as online, is just awesome.

I made some really great friends that I wish could have all came back to Dallas with me.  I felt like I was back in college but instead of dorm rooms we were in a hotel on a beach decked out in paper flowers and washi tape.  I mean, I rode a bike to get to my classes by the ocean. It really just doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m already thinking about Craftcation16. Anyone else?

Also, I took my DSLR and did not take one single picture with it.  I’ll share a link to photos from Craftcation as soon as they are posted!

In April We Weave

I’m super excited to announce that this months creative area of study is weaving!

beginning of a weaving project

This creative area is a little different than my previous creative studies because I really don’t have experience with weaving. Actually to be honest, I just weaved for the very first time at Craftcation 1 week ago.

I had added weaving to the list of possible areas to practice  for my creative challenge but wasn’t exactly sure if it would make the cut or not. I ended up being able to sign up for a weaving class at Craftcation and thought that April would be the perfect month for it since I would be learning how to get started at the end of March.


I am so glad that I did take that weaving class (by French General) because I’m pretty sure I would have been a bit confused on my own.

My hope is to make a fairly decent sized wall weaving by the end of April. I’m going to finish the sample that I started at Craftcation to get some practice time in and then search for final project inspiration.  Wish me luck!

Final Thoughts on Interior Styling

March 2015 has been one of the best months I’ve had in a long time. I was able to style some much needed spaces in our home (my office and master bathroom) and received great feedback on my styling projects.

styling Bathroom styling inspired by this.

I felt like I hit the thrifting lottery; I scored a learning tower for Emerson in excellent condition for $20.00 and found some fun stuff for my office shelving unit.   And last but certainly not least, I was lucky enough to attend Craftcation 2015 (more on this coming soon).

Interior styling has been my third creative area that I have focused on. In January I painted and Feburaury was all about graphic design.  As with February, I found myself really wanting to paint throughout the month of March.  I was also commissioned to paint my first painting a couple of weeks ago! Yay! So I have decided that I will allow myself to paint on commission pieces during my challenge.


Really thinking about it, interior design/styling is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. I feel like I might belong somewhere in this realm career wise, but of course, I have 9 more months for my challenge so who knows what will come from those months.

I read somewhere that when you’re trying to figure out what you’re good at and/or are trying to figure out what type of business to start, you should think about what kind of advice people seek from you the most. Something that I have always been asked for help with is interior design. So that has kinda of led me to believe that this could maybe be my niche. We’ll mark this one (interior styling/design) as a maybe for sure!

Enjoyed the styling portion of my challenge but I’m feeling excited to start something new!

On to the next one…

Thrifting for Decor Accessories

Just wanted to do a quick little post on the items that I found while thrifting last week for my office shelving unit.

When I’m trying to style something and just not getting the look I want, sometimes I feel like I have to go out and buy some pieces to get the momentum going and finish styling whatever I’m working on. So instead of going out and spending a ton of moo-la, I like to head out to thrift shops.

green vintage trunk with large thread rollsMy favorite finds from last week would have to be these three huge spools of thread ($18.00).  The green trunk they’re sitting on was purchased from a local place called Frisco Mercantile (I really feel like this places keeps getting better and better). I stole the trunk from our media room. Sorry Mark, I’ll put it back soon.

thrift shopping findsI love to look through all the nick-knack type things when I’m at a thrift store and I’m always drawn to the gold and brass section.  I picked up the vase ($2.00) and swan ($4.00) and then found what I’m calling “granny blankets”.  I’m always a bit hesitant to pick up textiles from thrifty places but these had the colors I was looking to add and were in great condition. The large blanket was $2.00 and the small one was $1.00.

styled home office studio shelvesThese items really served their purpose for me. One, they got me re-energized to style my shelves and two, they added some uniqueness to the shelves  that I probably wouldn’t have found at a regular chain store. Oh and of course, the price. Can’t beat those prices!

Home Office Shelf Styling

Over the past few years I have gathered quite the collection of random thrifty finds. Styling this shelving unit was like putting a puzzle together with all of those pieces.

styled home office studio shelves

My goal was to display as much as I could without it all becoming too cluttered looking. I had initially planned to keep the look very neutral with mostly natural tones and whites.  Originally, the shelves consisted of boxes, paper organizers, and other office-y type things.

I felt like I was taking the easy way out by just throwing boxes and organizers on the shelves and calling it a day. I wasn’t feeling excited to finish decorating the shelves so I decided I did needed to go out and find some pieces to get some momentum going.

styled office shelving

I had a very small budget to work with and as much as I would have loved to buy some great pieces from some awesome stores, the reality is I just can’t afford to do that. I decided thrifting would be the best bang for my buck.

Last week Emerson and I went out early for a thrifting adventure and found a few little treasures that had me excited to get back to the house and start arranging everything (more about those treasures in my next post).

I had seen pictures on Pinterest of Emily Henderson’s studio and Joy Cho’s studio of their shelving units and loved how they displayed their props instead of keeping them packed up in closets. I rummaged through my closets and gathered up some potential contenders for the shelving unit.

styled home office studio shelving

I started by working my way from bottom to top. The green storage boxes, sewing machine, and stack of books gave the bookcase the “weight” that I was wanting.  I’ve always liked to keep my shelves “heavy” on the bottom and lighter towards the top.

At first I had magazines and books displayed all on the 3rd and 4th shelves down. I wasn’t in love with the way it was looking and remembered a tip for styling; keep like items together. I decided to put the magazines in 2 bigger stacks and stack all the books together for more of an impact.


I placed smaller grouped items instead to the 3rd shelf down. I added some storage items and organizers on the 2nd shelf down along with those two huge rolls of thread I found while thrifting.

I wanted to the top shelf to have a light and clean look so I kept it simple with clear vases and bottles. I placed some green candles in a bell jar to make sure the eye would go all the way to the top right corner, and the greenery is my cherry on top.

shelf styling

I have one more styling project (my master bathroom) that I’m working on and then the styling portion of my creative challenge is pretty much done.  I’ll be headed out to the Craftcation Conference at the end of the month so trying to wrap all my projects up before I leave!


Quick Styling Update + Styling Tips

ikea shelving

On Monday I posted and shared photos of my desk styling project. I received a pretty good response on instagram with 33 likes! I know that might not seem like a lot to some, but for me, that’s something to celebrate!

I’ve started playing around with styling my shelving unit in my office. I’m still on the hunt for some unique pieces. I also went ahead and decided to do a little styling in our master bathroom. Just waiting for some items that I ordered to be delivered. Below is a picture of items I’ve gathered as potentials for the shelving unit.

objects for styling ikea shelving unit

I’ve been perusing pinterest like a crazy lady for inspiration on styling. Here are three resources that I have found to be helpful:

Office styling tips from Apartment 34 

Interior styling tips to avoid from Teal & Lime 

Vignette Styling by Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

If you know of any great styling resources, please do tell!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!


Home Office Styling

office styling My office has been arranged differently just about everyday since I started the styling portion of my creative challenge at the beginning of March.  I tried so hard to style this desk on the wall opposite of this one (the wall with my large inspiration board) just a couple of days ago and just about threw everything out of the window.

Ok, I would never throw things out of windows (I don’t think), but I was frustrated that everything I was styling on the desk just wasn’t working. So I stopped trying to make it work, thought about it, and  moved the desk to the other side of the room, where things finally started falling into place.

desk styling in home studio office  All items pictured are things that I already had at my house.  I love styling and decorating but one downside to it for me is getting the feeling that I NEED to go out and purchase a few things to get the look I’m going for.  So I was set on not buying anything and making what I had work.

I started by hanging the Nate Berkus fringed wall art and then arranged the two vintage pieces to the right of it. Next came in the snake plant and lamp. I added in the books and then spent awhile adding and editing the other items. At the bottom of the desk I added stacks of magazines, storage boxes, and turned an old West Elm bag into storage for some rolls of paper.

DSC_1239office-desk-white-studo-styling-two-webAs I was styling the desk I was trying to keep things from looking too perfect . My personal style is pretty casual so I think all of this does a good job of showing that.

So there is one styling project I can check off of my to do list! Next up is the  shelving in my office and maybe some bathroom styling for my much neglected master bathroom (if I can find the time)! I received an early birthday gift a few days ago, a trip to the Craftcation Conference! I’m so excited but have a lot to prepare before I head off to California.

Hope you liked my desk styling! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and for fun, here’s a before picture: