For the Quiet Girls

This is for all the girls that have ever been told they were quiet.

they call her quiet girl but I'm a riot
Quote from The Ting Ting’s song That’s Not My Name. I actually had the chance to see them in concert a few years ago. One of the best live shows I’ve seen.

I specifically remember sitting in my 8th grade English class that was mostly filled with the “popular” crowd, when one of the popular boys turned to me and said (first words he had ever said to me), “You’re so quiet. Do you ever talk?”

No. I never talk. I am practicing for my lucrative career as a one woman mime show.

I just wanted to say- Yes, yes I do talk and if you only knew me you would know that once I get going,  I actually talk a lot.  And get this, sometimes I’m even funny.

But, instead I said, “Yeah.”  And that was it. End of conversation. And we never spoke to each other again.

That’s not the first person to ever call me quiet. I’ll admit I was a bit shy and reserved as a teen in fear of saying something wrong or stupid. But I have always wondered why someone that has never talked to you before would start out with, “Do you ever talk?” or something along those lines.

When you tell someone that they are quite:

You are making the “quiet person” feel like something is wrong with them and you’re pretty much making them be even MORE quite.  Actually you’re making them want to crawl under a rock.

Why not start out with:

Hey, I don’t think we’ve really talked before. What’s up?  Or- Crazy weather we’re having, huh?  Or even- Do you like the color blue? Anything, ANYTHING but- You never talk, you’re quite, or do you ever talk?

Okay, rant over.

So to all you “quiet” girls out there…

Go ahead and keep being quiet. Let your light shine for those who  know the REAL you.



Favorite Graphic Design Projects

motivational planner stickers

My very favorite project for this month (for my creative challenge) would definitely have to be my fun little motivational stickers for my planner. You can read more about how I made those here.

I originally made them in a larger size but thought they might work better if they were a tad smaller. Excited to print off a batch of these guys and use them throughout the year.

motivational stickers for planner

My second favorite project from February is the plan your work and work your plan print (more on the print here). I  became a little obsessed with fonts this month and this one was a winner for me. I knew I wanted to use it for the work your plan quote as soon as I saw it.

framed plan your work quote print

I’ve been listening to several motivational podcasts and it really shows through both of these projects. I highly recommend listening to Elise Gets Crafty and Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. if you need a dose of inspiration.

My creative area of study for March will be announced on Sunday, March 1!


Graphic Design Final Thoughts

graphic design workspace

Ok people. I think it’s safe to say that graphic design is not my niche. If I were a creative triple threat,  my graphic designs would not be even the slightest bit threatening. They would be comical, kind of like a cat playing with yarn, it’s cute but that’s about it.

I love graphic design, I have a great appreciation for it but I do not have the driving desire behind that appreciation to produce great graphic design works. This is a creative area for me that I like to play around with every once and awhile but not sure that I see this as something I could turn into anything business wise.

This month felt like a staring competition at times with my computer. Or me wishing the computer would just take over and finish the idea that I started with.

I did feel at several times that graphic design mentally drained me. I think because I’m so indecisive and it required a lot of decision making, that I became overwhelmed by all the choices. My mind would get an idea, and then think of another idea, that would lead me towards another idea, and then I would have 5 ideas floating around with no real plan for any of them (and my desktop looked like a crazy chaotic mess).

Here are a few key things  I realized about graphic design for me:

  1.  It became more of a font affair. I am a sucker for a good font.
  2. All I wanted to do- put quotes on everything.
  3. I have to really be in the mood for it.
  4. I don’t like sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.
  5. I missed painting.

Speaking of missing painting… I did! A lot. Which is a good realization to have when one is pondering what their creative niche should be! I will be interested to find out if the want to paint goes away or is a reoccurring theme during this creative challenge.

Can’t wait to announce my creative area of study for March!

Stay tuned!

Oh and that great hustle harder wallpaper (free download) on my laptop is from The Sweet Escape!


February Graphic Design Update

Just wanted to give a quick update on February. If you’ve been following me then you know that graphic design is my area of study for the month (as part of my creative challenge).  I’ve been playing on photoshop since the month began but yesterday was the first day I felt like I had something to show for it.


In January, during my abstract art study, I basically picked my colors, had some kind of idea of what I wanted to do and just painted.  It’s been challenging for me to get started designing on the computer. My downfall with graphic design has been spending too much time searching for fonts, quotes, and color schemes and not feeling like I’m spending enough time on the actual making part. I find it’s much harder to “bust out” something I’ve designed on the computer versus something that I’ve made with more of a hands on approach.

I decided that I wanted to design some motivational stickers for my planner to help nudge me along during my weeks. I spent a couple of days deciding on the words, colors, and font. On Tuesday I spent 3 uninteruped hours on actually putting it all together.

If you’re not too familiar with graphic desgin you may be thinking she spent 3 hours putting a word or two on circles? Yes, I basically did put words on circles but sizing, choosing color, placement, and prepping them to print correctly does takes a bit of time.


With graphic design, I feel like I am in a deeper thought process than when I am painting. I do enjoy graphic design, but it isn’t so much of an “escape” or stress reliever as painting is for me. All this is great for me to think about and experience so that I can decide if something is more of a hobby for me or something that I could eventually turn into a business. Props to the creative challenge for making me do some critical thinking!

I’m happy with the way the stickers turned out (really love the colors that were inspired by that Kate Spade dress in the photos above). My plan is to see if I can make some smaller versions of them as well.  I would also like to play around with some other words and colors.

Graphic Design in February


Just incase you’re wondering, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines graphic design as:

the art or profession of using design elements (as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect.

For the month of February I will be focusing on graphic design for my creative challenge. I have dabbled in graphic design in the past but I’ve never dedicated a ton of time to it.  I’m excited to jump in and learn everything I can about it during the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!