For the Quiet Girls

This is for all the girls that have ever been told they were quiet.

they call her quiet girl but I'm a riot
Quote from The Ting Ting’s song That’s Not My Name. I actually had the chance to see them in concert a few years ago. One of the best live shows I’ve seen.

I specifically remember sitting in my 8th grade English class that was mostly filled with the “popular” crowd, when one of the popular boys turned to me and said (first words he had ever said to me), “You’re so quiet. Do you ever talk?”

No. I never talk. I am practicing for my lucrative career as a one woman mime show.

I just wanted to say- Yes, yes I do talk and if you only knew me you would know that once I get going,  I actually talk a lot.  And get this, sometimes I’m even funny.

But, instead I said, “Yeah.”  And that was it. End of conversation. And we never spoke to each other again.

That’s not the first person to ever call me quiet. I’ll admit I was a bit shy and reserved as a teen in fear of saying something wrong or stupid. But I have always wondered why someone that has never talked to you before would start out with, “Do you ever talk?” or something along those lines.

When you tell someone that they are quite:

You are making the “quiet person” feel like something is wrong with them and you’re pretty much making them be even MORE quite.  Actually you’re making them want to crawl under a rock.

Why not start out with:

Hey, I don’t think we’ve really talked before. What’s up?  Or- Crazy weather we’re having, huh?  Or even- Do you like the color blue? Anything, ANYTHING but- You never talk, you’re quite, or do you ever talk?

Okay, rant over.

So to all you “quiet” girls out there…

Go ahead and keep being quiet. Let your light shine for those who  know the REAL you.



Your Soul Knows

Hello! I’ve had some new visitors stumble upon this little site this week and I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by!! If you’ve already been following along, thank you so so much for coming back!

quote with abstract background

Last week I felt a little lost with my creative challenge and ended up posting a pitiful picture of me with a help sign on instagram (yes, I really did that). As much as I regret the post now, I am so glad that I did it because I received some great feedback.

I’m booking up fast for commissioned paintings! E-mail me at or comment below for inquiries.

I would like to say thank you to those who e-mailed, texted, and commented on that post. It means a lot that you would even take the time out of your busy day to give me advice therapy.  I’m still figuring out exactly what I’m going to do, but I have a little bit more of a clearer vision now (more on this in my next post).

collage of paintings

What I would like to do in this post today is just give a little bit of an update about this week:

  • I found this amazing font and used it to make the prints that you see above and below.
  • Both of my paintings in my etsy shop sold!!
  • Emerson has an ear infection. I have a sinus infection. Boo.
  • I’ve been finishing up some commissioned pieces (pictured above).
  • I picked up some more painting gigs!
  • I read these two painting books; Daring Adventures in Paint and Brave Intuitive Painting. Loved them both!

quote and paint brushes

It’s been a busy week but a good week (minus the whole being sick thing). Next on my to do list, figure out a cute way to package my sold art, paint, paint, and  paint.

Craftcation 2015

I’ve been back from Craftcation for about two weeks now and my mind is still racing with so much goodness from the conference.

biz cards from craftcation

Being around so many smart and creative women has left me feeling so inspired.  I feel so lucky to have had the experience to go to this conference.  Getting to meet women that I have admired for quite some time and knowing that they are just as great in person as online, is just awesome.

I made some really great friends that I wish could have all came back to Dallas with me.  I felt like I was back in college but instead of dorm rooms we were in a hotel on a beach decked out in paper flowers and washi tape.  I mean, I rode a bike to get to my classes by the ocean. It really just doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m already thinking about Craftcation16. Anyone else?

Also, I took my DSLR and did not take one single picture with it.  I’ll share a link to photos from Craftcation as soon as they are posted!

Favorite Graphic Design Projects

motivational planner stickers

My very favorite project for this month (for my creative challenge) would definitely have to be my fun little motivational stickers for my planner. You can read more about how I made those here.

I originally made them in a larger size but thought they might work better if they were a tad smaller. Excited to print off a batch of these guys and use them throughout the year.

motivational stickers for planner

My second favorite project from February is the plan your work and work your plan print (more on the print here). I  became a little obsessed with fonts this month and this one was a winner for me. I knew I wanted to use it for the work your plan quote as soon as I saw it.

framed plan your work quote print

I’ve been listening to several motivational podcasts and it really shows through both of these projects. I highly recommend listening to Elise Gets Crafty and Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. if you need a dose of inspiration.

My creative area of study for March will be announced on Sunday, March 1!


The Impostor Complex

you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great

I’ve been feeling a bit like an impostor for a while now but didn’t know what title to give that feeling until I listened to Tiffany Han’s podcast episode 15 with Tanya Geisler (highly recommend listening to these awesome ladies) this morning. The impostor complex. Yep, I just self diagnosed myself.

Listening to Tiffany’s episode really made me think more about why I feel so imposturous (is that even a word?) and wonder if I will ever feel worthy enough to call myself an artist or designer. describes an artist as a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to the aesthetic criteria. Google says an artist is a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. Although I fit into the definitions, something inside of me will not let me call myself an artist or designer.

One reason I feel like an impostor is that I didn’t go to art school and I don’t have a degree in painting, design, etc. (I have a degree in elementary education). I feel like I shouldn’t be creating anything because I don’t have the “proper” education.  If I share something that I’ve made, I think someone who did receive the “proper” education will look down on what I’ve created and basically think, “oh she tried, that’s so cute.”

Another reason I feel like an impostor is because I don’t feel like I’ve been in the game long enough and haven’t paid my dues.  Although thinking about it I’ve been drawing, painting, and creating since I was a little girl (I’ll be 30 in 3 months). That’s a good bit of time and I did run an etsy shop for 3 years before Emerson was born. But I still don’t feel like that allows me to be called an artist or designer.

Whatever the reasoning behind my impostor complex, it’s been a great eye opener  for me to start thinking about why I feel like an impostor and what I can do to squash those feelings. So thank you Tiffany and Tanya for bringing up this topic for me!

abstract painting

In an effort to wash away the impostor feeling, I’m going to stop worrying about being an artist or designer, focus on being Ashlee, and continue with my search to find out what I’m good at making or doing. I think I’ve done the hardest part by just getting started and I can only hope that through my challenge I can find something to become great at.




Plan Your Work Print

plan your work quote print

I don’t know how I just found this quote last week, but I did. It’s simple and to the point and really just makes a whole lot of sense. Planning is something I’ve been working on lately, so when I saw this while scrolling through my instagram feed, I fell in love!

I’ve noticed that if I take the time to plan out my work and activities, everything goes much more smoothly.  But sometimes I hit the snooze button more than I should and my little window of quite time before Emerson wakes up is gone and zero planning gets done.

framed plan your work quote print

My goal is to start waking up on Monday mornings a little bit earlier (wish me luck) than normal to  pull out my planner and structure the week and make my to-do list, meal plan, and plan activities for Emerson.

plan your work work your plan print

Oh and on another note, this graphic design study (for my creative challenge) has pretty much sent me on a font hunt. I’m not sure why, but I have been obsessing over finding the perfect fonts. Which means I’m spending less time on making (not good). Thankfully I have found some fonts that I love and i hope (really hope) I can just focus on making some prints until the end of February.

Would love feedback on the prints! Let me know what you think!


2015 Inspiration Board

A couple of years ago Mark and I installed a huge inspiration board in my office. I’ve kind of regretted making it so big because I’ve struggled with filling it up and arranging things on it.


I had a little moment of genius while I was driving to IKEA yesterday. I thought how cool would it be to fill it up with all the creative things I’ve done (and will do) for my challenge  (plus a few things things that I’ve bought during the year like the do your best print). I won’t be  randomly placing things on the board, but actually starting at the very beginning of it (the left side) and kind of filling it up in chronological way as the year goes on.


It may not be the prettiest inspiration board but A: there are things that truly inspire me on it and B: I get re-inspired when I look at what I have accomplished. Win Win! I’m really excited to see what ends up finding a home on the board. It’s funny becuase I have filled the board up before with various things and never really spent much time looking at after. Ever since I put the stuff from my creative challenge on there I can’t stop looking at it! It’s such a small thing but has been very powerful in terms of motivation.

Abstract Inspiration


If you follow Britt Bass’s work then you will definitely know who has been inspiring me! I’ve been studying and trying to paint some of her pieces over the past couple of weeks.  The above paintings (in progress) have a lot of Britt Bass techniques in them.

I’m not sure what it is about her art, but I LOVE it! I love the color combinations and the “anything goes” mentality of it.

Below are some recreations of Britt’s work and then some of my “originals” sprinkled in (and some hiding in the back). ha


Any other  current abstract artists I should know about?