Hi there! I’m Ashlee . I live in Dallas, Texas, married to an awesome guy named Mark, and we have a sweet two year old daughter, Emerson.

I thought I had it all figured out.  At the ripe old age of 22 I was ready to conquer the teaching world and live happily ever after.  Boy was I wrong. Turns out I wasn’t in love with the whole teaching thing.

To make a long story short I decided that I wasn’t going to live a life doing something that I didn’t love. So I quit teaching. My passion has always been in the creative realm of things and I decided that someway, somehow I would find a creative path to travel down.

I started a business all about classroom decorating called izzyshare in 2008. Still trying to cling onto my education background, I realized that izzyshare was a move towards the right direction, but wasn’t IT. In 2012 Mark and I opened an Etsy store called story304 where we sold graphic design prints and I made a sad attempt at blogging.



Fast forward to 2016. Things are a little different now living life with a two year old (and expecting our second little one in May).  Mark and I  both agree that becoming  parents gave us some kind of crazy drive to reach for our dreams. Emerson’s nap times have become extremely productive pockets of time for us to pursue our interests and goals.

I’ve been painting non-stop since March of 2015 (well as much as a mom with a two year old can). Excited to see what the future holds.

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