Where to Stay in Paris- For the Design Obsessed

It’s happening again.  I’m having an interior design identity crisis thanks to our recent trip to Paris (an awful problem to have, I get it).  I’m blaming it all on the W- Paris Opera. Here’s a peak inside this old meets new hotel, a great place to stay if you ever find yourself venturing to Paris.


This trip was a week long trip for us and although it was packed with activities there was still plenty of time to take it all in (compared to our brief two day stay in 2011). What I really became impressed with on this trip is the way the French mix traditional with modern.  The Paris W pulled this look off effortlessly,  pairing furniture and decor together that I would never have thought to mix in a million years.

In the above picture the traditional arm chair with it’s detail and curves becomes modern with the color-blocked fabric and the modern black and white print on the pillow. Add the sleek modern side table and the look is très chic.  The view of the building in the background isn’t too bad either.


Check out the black shiny entry with it’s luminous dots that welcomes you into your room decked out in crown molding.  Opposites attract is definitely what I found works when mixing traditional and modern.


The room was difficult to photograph so the mirror shot was the best I could do to get a good view of the whole room.

The chandelier had me swooning as soon as we walked in. A great modern alternative that keeps the traditional lines of a chandelier but stays modern with the black metal wire.

I love that every area of a room gets attention, there’s a bit of wit, art, and of course class, all through the room. Can’t wait to show you more photos of the hotel in my next post!



This hotel is not only beautiful but the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I highly recommend a stay at the W-Paris. After a long day of sight seeing this was the perfect place to come back to, drink an espresso, look through a book, and relax.

How to get this look in your own home?

1. Use more traditional furniture when it comes to furniture pieces like couches, chairs, beds.

2. Pair your traditional furniture with modern coffee tables, side tables, and night stands.

3. Art. A great collection of art will definitely help achieve this look.  Don’t be afraid to mix abstract with realistic art pieces.

4. Use dramatic drapery that reaches the floor.

5. Finish the look with fresh flowers.

What do you think about the “French Modern” style? Would you still be my friend if my house looked like this?


Final Thoughts on Interior Styling

March 2015 has been one of the best months I’ve had in a long time. I was able to style some much needed spaces in our home (my office and master bathroom) and received great feedback on my styling projects.

styling Bathroom styling inspired by this.

I felt like I hit the thrifting lottery; I scored a learning tower for Emerson in excellent condition for $20.00 and found some fun stuff for my office shelving unit.   And last but certainly not least, I was lucky enough to attend Craftcation 2015 (more on this coming soon).

Interior styling has been my third creative area that I have focused on. In January I painted and Feburaury was all about graphic design.  As with February, I found myself really wanting to paint throughout the month of March.  I was also commissioned to paint my first painting a couple of weeks ago! Yay! So I have decided that I will allow myself to paint on commission pieces during my challenge.


Really thinking about it, interior design/styling is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. I feel like I might belong somewhere in this realm career wise, but of course, I have 9 more months for my challenge so who knows what will come from those months.

I read somewhere that when you’re trying to figure out what you’re good at and/or are trying to figure out what type of business to start, you should think about what kind of advice people seek from you the most. Something that I have always been asked for help with is interior design. So that has kinda of led me to believe that this could maybe be my niche. We’ll mark this one (interior styling/design) as a maybe for sure!

Enjoyed the styling portion of my challenge but I’m feeling excited to start something new!

On to the next one…

Home Office Shelf Styling

Over the past few years I have gathered quite the collection of random thrifty finds. Styling this shelving unit was like putting a puzzle together with all of those pieces.

styled home office studio shelves

My goal was to display as much as I could without it all becoming too cluttered looking. I had initially planned to keep the look very neutral with mostly natural tones and whites.  Originally, the shelves consisted of boxes, paper organizers, and other office-y type things.

I felt like I was taking the easy way out by just throwing boxes and organizers on the shelves and calling it a day. I wasn’t feeling excited to finish decorating the shelves so I decided I did needed to go out and find some pieces to get some momentum going.

styled office shelving

I had a very small budget to work with and as much as I would have loved to buy some great pieces from some awesome stores, the reality is I just can’t afford to do that. I decided thrifting would be the best bang for my buck.

Last week Emerson and I went out early for a thrifting adventure and found a few little treasures that had me excited to get back to the house and start arranging everything (more about those treasures in my next post).

I had seen pictures on Pinterest of Emily Henderson’s studio and Joy Cho’s studio of their shelving units and loved how they displayed their props instead of keeping them packed up in closets. I rummaged through my closets and gathered up some potential contenders for the shelving unit.

styled home office studio shelving

I started by working my way from bottom to top. The green storage boxes, sewing machine, and stack of books gave the bookcase the “weight” that I was wanting.  I’ve always liked to keep my shelves “heavy” on the bottom and lighter towards the top.

At first I had magazines and books displayed all on the 3rd and 4th shelves down. I wasn’t in love with the way it was looking and remembered a tip for styling; keep like items together. I decided to put the magazines in 2 bigger stacks and stack all the books together for more of an impact.


I placed smaller grouped items instead to the 3rd shelf down. I added some storage items and organizers on the 2nd shelf down along with those two huge rolls of thread I found while thrifting.

I wanted to the top shelf to have a light and clean look so I kept it simple with clear vases and bottles. I placed some green candles in a bell jar to make sure the eye would go all the way to the top right corner, and the greenery is my cherry on top.

shelf styling

I have one more styling project (my master bathroom) that I’m working on and then the styling portion of my creative challenge is pretty much done.  I’ll be headed out to the Craftcation Conference at the end of the month so trying to wrap all my projects up before I leave!


March Creative Study: Interior Styling


I’m so excited to announce that my creative area of study for March is  interior styling! This month will definitely look a little different than the previous two months but I’m happy to have a little change.

Interior styling is basically just arranging things in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This can range from styling your night stand at home to a professional styling a set for a magazine shoot.

Styling has been an area of interest for me from an early age. Around the time Trading Spaces started transforming rooms  for under a grand, I was a young teenager starting to take an interest in the way my bedroom looked.

I kid you not, I literally pulled the carpet up in my bedroom when I was 16 because I knew there were hardwood floors hiding under there. I had learned how to sew thanks to a home-economics class in junior high (thanks Mrs. Harman) and made my own curtains. I had very little money and remember buying a black and white Paris calendar from the clearance bin at Staples for a couple  of bucks.  I went home and tore the pretty monthly pictures out and framed them with some of my Mom’s old picture frames. To complete my bedroom makeover, my bed was topped off with a luxurious bed-and-bag set from Wal-Mart (please know that I am using sarcasm in the kindest way possible).

I even considered going to interior design school but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find  a job (never thought I would be living outside of West Virginia). Styling/decorating is something I have loved now for years so I’m pumped to focus on this in March!

IKEA Ivar shelves

My main project for the month will be to style this large shelving unit (IKEA IVAR)that is in my office. I saw this picture and really fell in love with the the look. I think I’m going to be going with a neutral palate, using whites, tans, and natural textures to fill it up.

Should be fun! If you have any tips or suggestions for my shelves leave me a comment! Would love to hear your thoughts.